Medication management in combination with psychotherapy provides the best overall prognosis for patients, and research shows these results over and over again. Carewright Clinical Services now offers psychiatric services both in person at our clinic, and through tele-medicine options.

Dr. David Henderson is a board-certified psychiatrist who provides care of the highest quality to individuals and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Clients can expect a therapeutic encounter with a professional who is compassionate and expertly-seasoned in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. Dr. Henderson believes that collaboration is the key to successfully overcoming life’s challenges. His goal is to work with you and your other providers as a team, utilizing a holistic approach to mental health care that incorporates biological, psychological, social interventions.

Dr. Henderson’s philosophy regarding psychiatric medications is simple - they are important tools in the toolbox, but they are not the only tool. He believes in blending treatment modalities in order to address the core issues of mental health. Therapy, medication, individual and group work, and health, nutrition, and wellness are all integral parts of a holistic treatment program. Dr. Henderson seeks to facilitate restoration of the whole person to his or her full and authentic self. Sometimes medication is necessary to accomplish this, and other times it only obscures the real issues at hand. Dr. Henderson is highly skilled in treating the whole person, and you can rest assured that he will explore every avenue of treatment in order to accomplish this holistic restoration for you or your family member.

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Psychiatric Services near Dallas, TX

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